Fun In The Sun

Hi! I’m Danni and I’d like to rock your world!

Of all the photo shoots I have done, I think I liked the ones we did outdoors the best! I have many shoots in the water, shower, beach, pool, etc. I love to get naked and then go swimming! Care to join me?

I love being the center of attention. All the lights up, a photographer yelling out commands to his crew, taking care to make sure I know that I”m doing a good job, but also being very demanding.

It could get downright nasty sometimes, so I’d disappear into a room somewhere and read. Most of the time, I’d get caught. On the nights I got caught, there were several boys/men telling me to go to my room “before we,” I heard the words rape, molest, impregnate, just all manner of evil!

In all the inertia, I began to lose myself into this fantasy they were talking about. I wanted it to be real! All those men, taking turns fucking me? Oh, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Even if no cameras were around!

I was stripped naked, blindfolded so I couldn’t identify anybody and all I could feel were multiple hands all over my body. Stroking, fingering my pussy, kissing my tits before they blow on them…. Oh, it was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done and it was fucking awesome! I’d love to be in on a huge orgy! I just love to fuck! What can I say! It’s the most fun a person can have, if it’s done the right way! Call me and I’ll show you how I treat a man! I’m excellent at what I do! Don’t miss it!

Call now and have sum Summer Fun! Get 10 Minutes for just $10.00! Just an introductory, one time only fee! Believe me, you’ll be back! This offer expires this Friday at Midnight EST.

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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Let Me Be Your Mistress

I am a naughty Little Hell Cat, and I love to get nasty and even mean with my cuckold pals. I love to put them in chastity belts while they suck big black cock for me and then watching that big black cock fuck me and give me pleasure they could never dream of being able to give.

If you want to be dominated, you’ve definitely come to the right gal. I love dungeon play and have a room all ready to tie you up in. Bring a girl in your place and I’ll tie her up instead, but she’ll end up having all the fun! There’s nothing like a big juicy black cock that is hard and ready to play!

I may have to let my big black friends just rape you, you naughty, filthy little cum slut. Your pussy is going to be so full of cum when I’m done with you!

I’ll walk on your cock if you’re into that, or bind you and just let you watch all the fun and not get to have any yourself. I’ve been to so many swinger parties, maybe I could throw my own with you as one of the sexual favors walking around on your knees all night, servicing anyone who showed an interest. 

I’d love to be your Mistress and control you and dominate you and every part of your life. I’ll tell you to wear a small dildo up your ass and you can’t take it out until you make another man/woman cum! I’ll own that cunt of yours sweetheart! I’ll sell it to the highest bidder and then have a video camera handy so I can sell it to people on the internet! You’ll be famous! If you go overseas, guys are gonna bend you over in Amsterdam!

So, if you’re into Financial Domination, Dominatrix type fun, cuckold fantasies, rape fantasies, (where they rape your cunt), or gang bang scenarios. Guys taking turns on you. Say 20 of em? I’ve done it before, so it’s not a beastly request!

You wanted a Mistress, right? If not, I do all kinds of other things, but this week, I want to dominate you! I wanna tell you when to stop touching yourself, not allowing you to cum. I’ll make you watch me with several men who all leave their cum inside of me. I’ll make you lick it all out! That can be your dinner. Maybe you’d like to drop a bit of cum in my mouth while you’re licking it out?

I love a good little cuckold cum slut to lick it all out and make me cum again and again while it’s sucked out of me very slow, along with my own cum as your tongue makes me cum and cum and cum!

Could be fun, right? Gimme a call! If you call and mention this post, you can get a discount on your call! When you purchase a 10 Minute call, get 5 Minutes FREE! So for $20 you’ll get a 15 minute call! That’s a good deal! Don’t miss out! This Offer expires Tuesday at Midnight!

So call me! Let me dominate you. Maybe you’d want to dominate me? I do both!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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Rear Door Access Approved!

It’s positively sinful, just like chocolate.

In fact, I love to worship big black cocks and they always get to fuck my ass because they’re just naturally dominant and like to rape a girl’s pussy and her ass and her mouth while making her beg them for it at the same time! I’ve always liked it “rough.” I’m a total slut who likes to be the center of attention at a party where I’m tied to a bed naked, blindfolded, gagged and gang raped by at least 20 big black cocks! I’m wet just thinking about it! Tie me down baby!

I’d like to take one deep in my ass, with another in my throat while another drills my cunt with their big hard black dicks! Then again, I’d worship any big cock, no matter what color!  Oh yea, fucking rape me into the whore you want me to be! Come and fucking get it!

I love the most “extreme” fantasies around and I especially like gang rape. I like being raped into submission to big black or white or Mexican dick! I love age play and extreme age play fantasies such as breeding and I love to be a sex slave so make me one! Tie me up in your stable naked! 

Did I mention I like it rough? While  a group full of big cocks lines up to take their turns raping my cunt and making me scream my cum all over them, another group gets in line to fuck my ass!

While they all take turns on my pussy, ass, tits, clit, and slit, things are said by me, like “Please… Don’t hurt me,” as well as “Don’t stop,” “Fucking rape me,” “Make me your cum slut whore,” etc., etc., till I get 3 cocks doing me air tight!  Do me super rough at that point baby! I wanna be your little fuck toy!

My pussy aches for big cock! I want it in my pussy, ass and mouth all at the same time, so you better bring sum friends!

I love being a little cum slut slave whore for any guy willing to show me where I fit in their world. As a slutty cum bucket slut!

I’m a nasty, naughty, dirty, filthy girl and I love a lot of different role play’s, especially the kinkiest and most taboo subjects. I get off on several of them and wish I could list them all? Some I have to be really careful of! That’s how into the “extreme” I am!

You can email me your questions if you’re looking for a specific type of kink, but I like Age Play, Extreme Age Play, Family Fun, BDSM – Bondage, Rape Submission Fantasy, Gang Rape/Gang Bang Fantasy, Cuckold/Bi-Sexual Fun,  Accomplice Fantasy & other things, again, I don’t dare mention. I’m pretty much up for anything! No Limits!

So give me a call! I’d love to help you get off! If you have any questions about the services I provide and what I’m into and what I’m not, please email me at with your questions! I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Call soon baby! Let’s play!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 



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Anyway You Want It

Have a fantasy you’d like to role play? I’m your girl! I love to role play and find it’s very fun to play along with guys rather than just moaning or groaning. Maybe some guys can get off on that, but when a girl talks as dirty as I do,  you know there’s gotta be a reason, right? 

Well, I have a secret! I play with my toys when I’m on a call so that the guy is getting a call that’s believable! it’s called phone acting and if I don’t do my job, I’m not doing anybody any favors. I’d rather be good at something than just “so so.” 

So come and play with me and take advantage of my latest special! Get 20 Minutes for $30.00! That’s a $10.00 savings! This offer is only good if you mention it when you call. This offer expires on Sunday at Midnight.

Don’t miss out on the fun! I’d love to get a call from you to show you just how good I am at what I do! I wanna show you the best time ever! I will make you cum so hard you’ll be back for more! I’d love to get a call from you just to show you how good I am at what I do, so use this special to save some dough and gimme a call today! 

I do everything from BDSM to Age Play so whatever your fantasy, I’m the girl to tell it to! I’ll take your fantasy and make it even hotter! Call now to get off in an exquisite way! Cum with me! Call now!

Hope to talk with you soon!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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Get Your Call for 1/2 Price!

Okay, I’m offering a  BLOW OUT SPECIAL!

Get your call at 1/2 the cost when you do one simple little thing for me! All you have to do is VOTE for my site by clicking on the red and blue blinking button on the right side of the screen that says “Top Sites.” I’m a nasty little sum slut and I wanna be your new best phone slut!  Simply enter the 3 letter code into the box and hit enter! Write down the code first and then call me with that code and you can get your entire call for 1/2 of my normal rate! So instead of $2.00 per minute, you’ll be billed for $1.00 a minute! Double your time, or just get off quick! 

You know what a nasty little slut I am, so why not do a call with me now for 1/2 price and see if I’m worth $2.00? I can tell you, I’m so naughty and nasty that I most certainly am worth the $2.00 per minute, but if I don’t give you a taste, how will you ever get “hooked?”

I know what you want, baby. I know what you need. I can be what you CRAVE! I’m a hot little slut who loves to suck cock, be submissive to a dominant male and I can role play with the best of em! I do everything from BDSM to Age Play!

I love being your sweet little slut and  I can get into the “extreme” of some fetishes, which tells you how terribly NASTY I am! I love all my Daddy’s out there! I love all my bosses, teachers, professors, professional’s, pedo’s and pervs! I bet you’ll find I can be nastier than you! I’m just a naughty little whore who loves to phone fuck! Why not use me?



So give me a call! What have you got to lose? All you have to do is place a vote! Enter the code after writing it down and press “enter!” So simple! 

Start your fantasy with me now or put a pin in this page and come back later. This special will expire on Sunday at Midnight! So don’t miss out! 

Give me a call baby and give me a new thrill! I would love to make you cum! I wanna make you EXPLODE! I wanna make you feel better than you’ve ever felt! THIS IS A “CAN’T MISS SPECIAL!”

Call me soon baby! I wanna play!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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A Wet Pussy Is A Horrible Thing To Waste!

I hate a nice, wet pussy going to waste! If my pussy is wet, I’m gonna wanna fuck and be licked, spread my legs and take whatever you give me, or whoever you share me with! I don’t really care how I get pleased, I just want to be pleased! 

Now, while I’m not exactly a Mistress, I can get bitchy when a guy doesn’t get me going, or wastes my precious pussy juice by not licking me or pleasing me in any way. I hate a guy who just fucks you and does nothing else. Now, if the guy is a dominant male, I might get hotter thinking about him taking whatever he wants from me, so don’t lose hope! There are certain situations where I turn into a Cock Worshiping little whore!

I love this job! I get to be whoever you want me to be. I can be a little girl getting fucked for the first time, or a slut who just likes to get fucked, or a party girl getting a load of cum in her face, mouth, hair by a group of young men of 10 who all fuck me, double penetrate me, make me suck their cocks, which I love to do anyway, and make me explode as they all cum on me at one time! I love it when a guy wants to fuck me bareback and leave his cum in me telling me he wants to get me pregnant! That makes me so hot!

So I hope you’ll call me! I love hearing your fantasies, your true confessions, etc., and this is a secure line so we can talk about ANYTHING!

My secret is that I love to talk dirty, nasty and filthy and I have an attraction to the forbidden fruit, the sweet little….oh maybe I shouldn’t go there? Could get my blog removed talking about the Taboo! It’s happened before.

Just know that I’m a hot, dirty, horny little cum slut who’ll do anything to help you get off! I won’t hang up if you haven’t cum in your allotted time. I give guys a few extra minutes if they’re close! Guys tell me they get hung up on! How rude! I just could never do something like that, you know? I guess I’m just too nice!

Here’s My Latest Special!

Get a 20 Minute Call for just $20.00! If you like talking a little longer for just $1.00 per minute, than this deal is definitely for you!

That’s a hell of a deal, so do me a favor? Don’t let this extremely wet, hot, juicy pussy, go to waste?

Hope to talk soon baby! I’ll be wet, ready and waiting!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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Daddy’s Girl

I love to be Daddy’s Little Girl! 

There are a lot of things that can be said about Age Play or Extreme Age Play that I could put down here, but I’d likely get my blog removed for it! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about my horny Daddy’s out there!

So do you like young pussy? I’ve licked the sweet nectar of a young girl’s puss. (Don’t get a nosebleed, she was 18!). It’s a delicacy! Such a rare and sweet taste, it’s like cinnamon and honey!

My friends and I were curious about sex once and a few of us licked each other out. I made my friend cum and I really liked it, so I made my other friend cum too. It was really erotic. I went very slowly, enjoying every drop of that pussy juice.

I really enjoy the Daddy/Daughter role play because my dad was never around much when I was growing up. No tears, I’m over it. I think that it might have something to do with my dark twisted fantasies when it comes to age play, but then, it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise, right?

Call me! Let’s have sum Daddy/Daughter fun!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 


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Me and The Girls!

One of my callers told me recently that he really enjoyed my “Girl on Girl” photos. I’ve only posted them once, so it’s time to bring out the pictures of me being licked and me licking pussy! Along with that, I’ve decided to offer a New Special! (See details below).

If you haven’t had the chance to talk with me yet, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. I’m the hottest little slut you’ll ever talk to on the phone because I’m horny, nasty and even evil in some cases! I’ll stay on the phone until my client cums! You should get what you pay for!

I’m way too generous but at least I’m not a bitch who hangs up? I take great care of my clients!

I’ve done a lot of girl on girl shoots. They were always enjoyable and I always had a great time! I’ve got a few friendly favorites that I still get together with. We always get high and go to town on each other’s clits.

They’re all a lot of fun and we have a lot in common so it’s an easy type of “Friends with Benefits?” I just love eating pussy and being licked by a woman. It’s so erotic and sensual it’s amazing! The Tantric aspect of it all is really fun! I love getting my twat teased by tongue!

Most guys would go wild watching us, and whenever I talk about it with a client, it’s a major turn on! I enjoy telling the stories of how we teased each other with our tongues, giving the other an intense and super hot orgasm! The Tantric nature of  girl on girl fun is really hot!

It’s hard to escape the desires of the pussy! I crave it just like men do. It has a special, sweet taste and when a girl cums in my mouth, I tend to go straight to orgasm myself!  If you wanna hear more, gimme a call and let’s chat! We can talk about anything you like. Anything Goes – No Limits – No Restrictions – NO TABOO’S! 

Whatever gets you hot will make me hot as well. I love to please my callers and play along with my toys. I love cumming with you!

Give me a call and I’ll help you get there. I’ll help you weave a fantasy hotter than anything you ever imagined!



Let me soothe your soul with my sweet, hot voice and endless nasty, dirty, filthy imagination! I promise you’ll have a great time and you’ll call me again and again! I’m the nicest and nastiest phone sex slut on the net!

Gimme a call baby. I’m ready, willing and extremely horny!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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Happy Humpday!

It’s Wednesday and I’m so horny, I’m going to offer a very special deal! All you have to do is call and mention you saw my blog, and tell me the title of the post. Also, please click the Top Site button flashing on the side of the screen and vote for my site, please? I’m trying to get higher in the ratings on Thank You!

When you vote for my site, you’ll get a Bonus of 5 Free Minutes! Just give me the code that you entered when you voted. That’s easy, right? 

You’ll also get a Humpday Reward. This is the reward:  If we play and I’m having a good time, I won’t stop until you climax!

Most girls will just hang up after the allotted time, but this is my site, my baby and if I want to talk longer, I can do that. You might pay for 20 minutes and get 40! I’m such a horny slut that guys who make me hot get more time!

I’m a hot, nasty and extreme little slut who would love to just make your day!  I’m an Anything Goes, No Taboo’s and absolutely No Limits slut! You can talk about anything, especially the forbidden!

So let me help you get over the hump! Call me and let’s talk nasty! Let’s  get naked and naughty!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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Teacher, Boss & Daddy, Oh My!

I was about 17 in the photo on the left. I was getting fucked by my history teacher, my boss and my dad and a friend of his at the time. At first, my dad just watched me & his friend.. Then he guided his friend, telling him what to do to me and then he joined his friend. One night, his friend licked my pussy till I started to drip cum in his mouth. Then, he motioned for me to sit on him and when I did, I was shooting my frosting all over his cock! My pussy gushed with cum! After he came, my dad licked it all out of me. Needless to say, I’m into “Family Fun!” I love all forms of incest and other strange sexual desires.

I love to get off with my callers so I have a toy box and I’m not ashamed to use them! In fact, I just bought some new ones and I can’t wait for them to get here! I use a very strong G-spot vibrator that makes me cum over & over again and I would love for you to hear all the pussy juice that flows out of me and I’d love for you to hear me scream when I cum!



Ask me to make you a deal on a shorter or a longer call but let’s work it out! Considering what a horny little slut I am, I’m hoping you get to listen to me fuck myself with a dildo, masturbating till we both explode! And I know you want your cock sucked so I’ll simulate it over the phone where it’s so believable, you’ll crank and cum! I’ll tell you one of the nastiest stories you’ll ever hear and I’ll make you a return caller with my Rollover Minutes and fantastic Customer Service!

I love Family Play! Esp Older/Younger where I’m the younger! I am a Pedo’s dream come true, but I can be or do anything for my callers! Tell me what you like so I can weave a fantasy you’ll remember and that will make you cum again just thinking about it!

Gimme a call! Just dial 1-877-398-0038 and tell me you saw the web post and that you’d like to get the discount! So simple! Just mention this post and you’ll instantly Get The Special! Hope to talk to you real soon!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th everyone!

I decided to do a quick blurb to offer you a SPECIAL!

Get your call at half price between Friday and Sunday at Midnight PSC, 3 AM, EST. Simple right?

I have an absolutely filthy mind and you know I’m up for anything naughty! I role play everything from BDSM to Age Play which is a favorite.

I’m your naughty summer school teacher! This is a fantasy that’s been missed! With the pandemic, nobody’s in school, so let’s pretend you flunked your exam on “Independence Day.” I’ve offered to give you additional tutoring to get your grade back up! Um, I love a good teacher role play, but I l can do either student or teacher!

So give me a call and school me on something I don’t know! I’ll be available all weekend long so give me a call and say hello! I’d love to do a call with you that puts the others to shame this weekend!

Are you up for it? I am!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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Time For A Raffle Call!

Hey fellas, wanna win a 10 Minute call with me?

You can enter the raffle by calling my number! Just dial 1-877-398-0038 and your phone number will be recorded and an email will be sent to notify me of your call. When I get that phone number, it’s written down on a small piece of paper and thrown into the pot. I will register all who call, including those who actually call to do a paid phone call.

Your number will be thrown into the pot with all of the others! Just a game of “Chance.” 

If you’re just calling to register, you can hang up after 3 rings. Your number will be registered immediately and thus, thrown into the pot. After I have 20 names, I will do a draw, and whoever’s number comes up will receive a FREE 10 Minute Phone Chat with your favorite little phone sex slut! 

All you have to do is wait for my call! If I call and you don’t answer, then you missed the boat and I had to move on to the caller who was chosen 2nd overall. So being near your phone when it rings is a good idea until after all of the Raffle Call’s have been made. Drawings will be on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. This special expires on 7/3/2020.

So what are you waiting for? Make the call! Get your number put in the pot and WIN 10 Free Minutes on the phone with me to talk about anything you like! Anything Goes – No Taboo’s – No limits!

So let’s get this show on the road! Gimme a call now! Call to get your number registered for my drawing!

1. Dial 1-877-398-0038 – let it ring 3 times! 2. Wait for a call from me! You could be a winner! 3. If you do win, tell me if you would like to do your call at another time and we can schedule it if you like, unless you like being in the moment. I’m flexible!

Hope to meet you Raffle Call winners soon! 

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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I Love My Job

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. The path may be all kinds of weird for someone like me, but I’ve found it very easy to adapt to.

Some guys don’t know what to do with themselves until they call me and are able to finally cum. I’ve had guys fall asleep while talking to me. Usually it’s a guy who’s been on the phone all night long, trying to achieve a satisfactory climax.

It’s sad to see a someone in that type of situation, so I would tip toe around whatever their  fantasy is, little by little, trying to tweak it and then in turn, create a whole new level of sexual excitement for you. You see, I don’t like it when my caller can’t get off. I tend to go the extra mile to make sure my clients are satisfied. Most girls hang up on you after your time is up but I’m not like that. I’m much nicer than those other stingy phone sex operators. They don’t know the meaning of  “customer satisfaction.”

I’m hoping I can get you to dial my number and do a call with me. I do it all. From BDSM to Age Play and everything in between. I can role play the nastiest fantasies you could dream up, and I’ll make the fantasy even hotter!  

So give me a call. I’d love to take you for a spin. I’m ready when you are. How about it? Wanna help me help you? Give me a call!

I wanna help you get off in the nastiest fantasy possible. And I don’t flinch, and nothing phases me.

I’ve yet to have a customer who didn’t hang up happy! I’m an old fashioned girl, but I’m super ecstatic that my work is so fun! I really enjoy the time I have with my callers and as a phone sex actress, I feel that I should be authentic. Oh, dear me. I may have just given myself up! (Oh, if you only knew!).

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you! Give me a call baby!

Hope to chat with you real soon,

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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As Per Your Requests…

I’ve received several requests from guys out there for certain things. This shall serve as an update!

I’ve had a lot of requests for panties. If you’ve requested a pair, I’ve contacted you via email to let you know the purchase price and how to get a pair. 

I’m always getting requested to go live on cam for guys I talk to. I’m afraid that’s never going to work because there are too many ways for guys to abuse that feature. Sorry.

I’ve received requests to text with me and I’m looking into different text platforms to see what would work best and be free or very cheap. I’m trying to protect my product as well as my privacy, so I’m being kind of private but if you have an idea where I could text for free without giving up my number, please send me an email!

I’ve received several requests for photos and I had my web guy create a Special Page just for my fans. It’s an XXX Photo Gallery! Get 10 Hot Shots of me for just $10.00! After you make your purchase, I’ll send you the web address and the password for the photos. You can visit the site as much as you like. Keep your password, as it will be required each time you visit.

This is the newest update on these particular items. More may come later. If so I’ll write about it here on the blog!

Thank you everyone for your comments and requests! I appreciate it and I appreciate you as well! Keep the calls coming!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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Let Me Sex Your Stress Away

Stress, when not addressed, can become a silent killer. There is something you can do to avoid it. Sexual activity releases endorphins and relieves stress for both men and women. Men need sex in order to avoid depression, illness, etc., so let me be your little phone phuckalicious slut!

I am a seasoned professional and I like to take a few minutes with my callers in order to get to know them. I ask them questions & find out what they’re into so I can make sure they’re satisfied when the call is over. I try very hard to please every guy I talk to. Some days are more difficult than others, but the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

Some of my calls are on the vanilla side, however, there are many calls that are dark and from the Taboo side of things. Some, I’ve discovered is very kinky! I’ve been exposed to it a lot, so I understand it, and a lot of the Taboo stuff makes me kinda hot anyway and I’ve begun to really enjoy it.

So cum spend some time with me! I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time. I know how to role play with the best of them, and I don’t just moan and groan on the phone, I love to get off with my callers! I have a toy box full of all kinds of toys, dildo’s and other sex paraphernalia.

My favorite role plays include: Age Play, Gang Bang, GFE, Blow Job, Cock Worship, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Dirty Stories, Confessions, Role Play, Rough Sex, Group Sex, Orgy, 3 on 1, etc. etc.

Stress is bad for you! Sex releases the stress! JUST DO IT!

Give me a call and let me help you with all that stress you’re carrying around! You can unload on me. I can take it. I’m an Anything Goes – No Taboo’s – No Limits kind of girl and I wanna rock your world! 

Let me Sex Your Stress Away! 

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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