Okay, I just wanna say, I’ve been really enjoying talking to all you guys, fantasizing with you, trading true stories, etc., and I thought you could use a little bit of special treatment!

This SUPER SPECIAL is so special, you really should take advantage of it! Get a 20 minute call for $20! That’s a 50% savings! Just vote for the site by hitting the “Top Sites” button on the right hand side of the screen, and write down the code it asks for. It’ll be all lower case letters. Then give me a call and give me the code and get your call for half price! Simple, right? So why not take me up on this SUPER SPECIAL DEAL! This Super Special expires on Labor Day at Midnight, Pacific Time!

So don’t miss this special! I’m a very special PSO. I’m seasoned, so I have very few limits, so if you have a role play you’d like to set up with me, send me a quick email and ask me about it! Feel free to call me as well!

I would love to spend a little time getting to know you and making you cum! I like guys who are looking for a special girl, who’ll always be there to make you feel good, feel sexy and relieve all your stress!

Gimme a call soon! I’m so open minded, I’ve been known to go right to the edge…… Sometimes, I actually jump!

Hope to chat soon!

1-877-398-0038                                                                    Twitter @DannisDelight
Now Accepting Cash App and Venmo!                                             

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