Need to Beat the Summertime Blues?

Is it hot out where you live? I’m in Northern California in the high desert and it gets super freakin hot here! I’ve been hiding from the heat inside the house because my air conditioner keeps me nice and cool. It’s been in the 100 degree and above range for the last week, and this weekend is gonna be even HOTTER!

I’ve got a little kiddy pool I keep in the back yard for a super hot day. I like to lay around in it, naked, splashing water on my hot, naked, sweaty body.

A few weeks ago we it was 115 degrees for two days but it wasn’t as bad because we had no monsoon coming up from Arizona to keep us humid. It’s been very dry out, except for one humidity filled, cloud covered day in the 100+ degree heat. I’m so happy I had my heat/ac redone a few years ago! It’s on days like this that I love staying inside, talking nasty to guys like you on the phone, and keeping cool all at the same time! I love sex, I love to fuck and I especially love to fuck on dog day afternoons like the ones we’ve been having!

Anyway, I thought I’d pass out savings to my callers who love my playfulness and enjoy hearing me explode over the phone! It’s been kinda dead this week and I could really use some calls, so how about we discount your bill? That’s right! Between today and next Friday at Midnight Pacific Time, you can get your call for $1.25 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. The more time you buy, the more you save and I pass along “Roll Over Minutes,” meaning if you don’t use all of your minutes, you can yell, “Roll Over” after you cum and I’ll check the clock! Then, the next time you call, it will be partially or completely paid for!

If that sounds like a pretty good deal to you, give me a call! Email me your fantasy and I’ll email you back and we can set up your call!

Don’t miss this fantastic deal! I need callers and you need to get off!

Talk to you soon, lover boy!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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