Spring Is Here!

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung all over, like I know your cocks are gonna do during a call with me! I might even make you cum twice!

I’m a terribly thirsty girl, so I’ve got sum suckin to do after Covid restrictions are lifted, but man, is that gonna be hot! I can’t imagine what it will feel like, it’s been so long since a man pressed his chest to mine, kissed me firmly and began to fuck me with his big hard cock!

I know you’re probably hard as a rock looking at my pics! But if you’re locked down with Covid restrictions like I am, we can entertain each other sexually over a discreet, consensual phone call.

We can talk about anything you like. Rape, Snuff, Necro, Age Play, Extreme Age Play, Cuckolding, Gang Bangs/Gang Rape, BDSM-Submissive Slave, etc. Anything that puts me in a submissive role really turns me on. I love rough sex, so call me and just take it!

I’ll get right to the point about your call and I don’t bill for the extra minutes I spend getting to know you. So why not try me out?

I’m really great at what I do. I’m what you would call, “gifted,” to do phone sex? I’m a lot of fun, and I don’t have limits or restrictions, etc., especially on Age Play. I’m rather loose about it all and with no limits or restrictions, it’s a lot more fun, don’t you think?

Hope you decide to call soon! Get my Super Special for the next week! This offer will expire on Saturday at Midnight, Pacific. Get your call for 1/2 off! You can pay $10 for 10 minutes or $15 for 15 minutes and so on So hurry! You don’t wanna miss this special! This is a GREAT DEAL and I promise you’ll be happy afterward!

Hope to chat with you soon!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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