Hi, I’m Danni and in case you haven’t had the chance to call me yet, I’d like to offer you a super deal!

I’m a nasty, dirty, filthy rotten sexually messed up girl! I like the idea of getting gang raped or at least gang banged. I’ve done it before, it’s no big. Also, I love to lick girls while guys are fucking them so I can suck his cock when it comes out of her pussy, dripping wet with his cum! I love to eat cum but I most enjoy feeling that hot liquid drip out of me! I just adore eating cum!

I’m a big fan of the taboo, forbidden, perverted, etc., and I cater to all kinds of sexual deviants! Why not become one of those callers I love to have fun with? My fantasies are really dark, as I do rape, snuff and necro and the like. Fascinating actually, why we fantasize about things like that.

Call me soon and get MY SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATE! Do a 10 Minute Call for just $15. Get a 15 minute call for $17.50 or a 20 minute call for just $20!

I will make all of your dirty, nasty, perverted and depraved fantasies come to life! I’ll make it so real, you’ll think I’m actually there! Let me run my fingertips over your hard cock, and stroke you until you’re so hard you’re about to explode and then I’ll stop. I’ll deny you unless you promise to truly fuck me harder and harder, cause I tend to like it a little rough when I’m in the mood and today, and almost every day I’m in the mood for force!

So give me a call soon baby! Rape me over the phone to your cocks content! I want you to cum. I wanna cum, over and over for you over the phone! I’m a bit of a squirter! I love to squirt!

Cum n get it! 

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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