Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to say Happy New Year in a very cool way. I’m going to be handing out Free Minutes to each and every caller! Pay for 10 Minutes, get 15 total! Sound fun?

Here’s how it works: Any caller who does a 10 minute call, will receive an additional 5 minutes as a token of my appreciation for being a good client! I love taking care of those I care about and I wanna make sure that each any one of you has a good time! My imagination works overtime, as I’m constantly dreaming up new and exciting sexual scenarios for us to role play if that’s what you’d like. I’m here to be your devoted little fuck toy, so just tell me how you like it!

I’m one of the best PSO’s on the internet and I’m a nasty, dirty, sick, twisted girl and when I say something that turns you on, just send me in that direction. We can have a lot of fun with something you’d like to hear!

No matter what your fantasy, I’ll listen and get into it with you, but I’m not a girl who likes the word “boring,” I love to get off with my callers so I have a few different toys I like to play with while we chat about such naughty things!

It might be my voice, my pics, it could be a lot of things, but only you know why you love talking to me. You know I’ll talk about anything. You know I’m into the extreme, so it’s a solid bet that I’m a lot of fun, so what the hell? Call me!

Let’s talk a little, fantasize a little more and then talk about how we would continue the discussion.

I’m very good at what I do and I’m in a very horny mood this week, so if you like it nasty, now’s a good time! I’m just feelin down right evil lately!

So call me baby. Call me soon!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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