Fetish Fantasies on Fire

I’m feelin a bit freaky lately, and I thought maybe I could share a piece of a fantasy and let you build it up from there!

I like to think about a guy taking it. Just taking it! I love a good Rape Role Play and wanna make you explode so give me a call! I’ll help you edge til you can’t edge any more! I’ll drive you WILD with the fantasies I have and I’ll get you off by telling you what I want you to do to me and telling you what I’d do to you…I’ll have you eating out of my hand!

I tend to like it rough, so push me down on the bed, rip my clothes off and rape me. I love a good rape role play, especially if another girl is involved. I mean a younger girl…. not another girl…. I like to lick sweet, tender, young pussy. I’m bi-sexual, so that’s always been a big turn on for me.

Truth or dare time? Maybe you have a question you’d like to ask me? Is there a fantasy you’d like to role play with me? I’m an exceptionally good actress, so I’m sure I could pull it off!

Gimme a call and tell me all about your fantasies and the naughty, nasty, filthy dirty things you dream about happening and I dare say, you’ll have me naked and in your bed in nothing flat!

I love a man’s hands touching my young, naked, sexy body! Wanna play? Let’s play! I wanna hear you cum so hard you scream! I wanna cum that hard with you!

Call now and get my Super Special! Get a 10 Minute Call for just $15.00 instead of $20.00.

Call now and let your fantasies run wild! Confess your sexual sins to me… I’ll never tell another living soul. I’m a terrific PSO and I’m gonna take extra special good care of you baby!

Let’s cum!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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