Fun In The Sun

Hi! I’m Danni and I’d like to rock your world!

Of all the photo shoots I have done, I think I liked the ones we did outdoors the best! I have many shoots in the water, shower, beach, pool, etc. I love to get naked and then go swimming! Care to join me?

I love being the center of attention. All the lights up, a photographer yelling out commands to his crew, taking care to make sure I know that I”m doing a good job, but also being very demanding.

It could get downright nasty sometimes, so I’d disappear into a room somewhere and read. Most of the time, I’d get caught. On the nights I got caught, there were several boys/men telling me to go to my room “before we,” I heard the words rape, molest, impregnate, just all manner of evil!

In all the inertia, I began to lose myself into this fantasy they were talking about. I wanted it to be real! All those men, taking turns fucking me? Oh, I’d do it in a heartbeat! Even if no cameras were around!

I was stripped naked, blindfolded so I couldn’t identify anybody and all I could feel were multiple hands all over my body. Stroking, fingering my pussy, kissing my tits before they blow on them…. Oh, it was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done and it was fucking awesome! I’d love to be in on a huge orgy! I just love to fuck! What can I say! It’s the most fun a person can have, if it’s done the right way! Call me and I’ll show you how I treat a man! I’m excellent at what I do! Don’t miss it!

Call now and have sum Summer Fun! Get 10 Minutes for just $10.00! Just an introductory, one time only fee! Believe me, you’ll be back! This offer expires this Friday at Midnight EST.

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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