Let Me Be Your Mistress

I am a naughty Little Hell Cat, and I love to get nasty and even mean with my cuckold pals. I love to put them in chastity belts while they suck big black cock for me and then watching that big black cock fuck me and give me pleasure they could never dream of being able to give.

If you want to be dominated, you’ve definitely come to the right gal. I love dungeon play and have a room all ready to tie you up in. Bring a girl in your place and I’ll tie her up instead, but she’ll end up having all the fun! There’s nothing like a big juicy black cock that is hard and ready to play!

I may have to let my big black friends just rape you, you naughty, filthy little cum slut. Your pussy is going to be so full of cum when I’m done with you!

I’ll walk on your cock if you’re into that, or bind you and just let you watch all the fun and not get to have any yourself. I’ve been to so many swinger parties, maybe I could throw my own with you as one of the sexual favors walking around on your knees all night, servicing anyone who showed an interest. 

I’d love to be your Mistress and control you and dominate you and every part of your life. I’ll tell you to wear a small dildo up your ass and you can’t take it out until you make another man/woman cum! I’ll own that cunt of yours sweetheart! I’ll sell it to the highest bidder and then have a video camera handy so I can sell it to people on the internet! You’ll be famous! If you go overseas, guys are gonna bend you over in Amsterdam!

So, if you’re into Financial Domination, Dominatrix type fun, cuckold fantasies, rape fantasies, (where they rape your cunt), or gang bang scenarios. Guys taking turns on you. Say 20 of em? I’ve done it before, so it’s not a beastly request!

You wanted a Mistress, right? If not, I do all kinds of other things, but this week, I want to dominate you! I wanna tell you when to stop touching yourself, not allowing you to cum. I’ll make you watch me with several men who all leave their cum inside of me. I’ll make you lick it all out! That can be your dinner. Maybe you’d like to drop a bit of cum in my mouth while you’re licking it out?

I love a good little cuckold cum slut to lick it all out and make me cum again and again while it’s sucked out of me very slow, along with my own cum as your tongue makes me cum and cum and cum!

Could be fun, right? Gimme a call! If you call and mention this post, you can get a discount on your call! When you purchase a 10 Minute call, get 5 Minutes FREE! So for $20 you’ll get a 15 minute call! That’s a good deal! Don’t miss out! This Offer expires Tuesday at Midnight!

So call me! Let me dominate you. Maybe you’d want to dominate me? I do both!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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