Rear Door Access Approved!

It’s positively sinful, just like chocolate.

In fact, I love to worship big black cocks and they always get to fuck my ass because they’re just naturally dominant and like to rape a girl’s pussy and her ass and her mouth while making her beg them for it at the same time! I’ve always liked it “rough.” I’m a total slut who likes to be the center of attention at a party where I’m tied to a bed naked, blindfolded, gagged and gang raped by at least 20 big black cocks! I’m wet just thinking about it! Tie me down baby!

I’d like to take one deep in my ass, with another in my throat while another drills my cunt with their big hard black dicks! Then again, I’d worship any big cock, no matter what color!  Oh yea, fucking rape me into the whore you want me to be! Come and fucking get it!

I love the most “extreme” fantasies around and I especially like gang rape. I like being raped into submission to big black or white or Mexican dick! I love age play and extreme age play fantasies such as breeding and I love to be a sex slave so make me one! Tie me up in your stable naked! 

Did I mention I like it rough? While  a group full of big cocks lines up to take their turns raping my cunt and making me scream my cum all over them, another group gets in line to fuck my ass!

While they all take turns on my pussy, ass, tits, clit, and slit, things are said by me, like “Please… Don’t hurt me,” as well as “Don’t stop,” “Fucking rape me,” “Make me your cum slut whore,” etc., etc., till I get 3 cocks doing me air tight!  Do me super rough at that point baby! I wanna be your little fuck toy!

My pussy aches for big cock! I want it in my pussy, ass and mouth all at the same time, so you better bring sum friends!

I love being a little cum slut slave whore for any guy willing to show me where I fit in their world. As a slutty cum bucket slut!

I’m a nasty, naughty, dirty, filthy girl and I love a lot of different role play’s, especially the kinkiest and most taboo subjects. I get off on several of them and wish I could list them all? Some I have to be really careful of! That’s how into the “extreme” I am!

You can email me your questions if you’re looking for a specific type of kink, but I like Age Play, Extreme Age Play, Family Fun, BDSM – Bondage, Rape Submission Fantasy, Gang Rape/Gang Bang Fantasy, Cuckold/Bi-Sexual Fun,  Accomplice Fantasy & other things, again, I don’t dare mention. I’m pretty much up for anything! No Limits!

So give me a call! I’d love to help you get off! If you have any questions about the services I provide and what I’m into and what I’m not, please email me at with your questions! I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Call soon baby! Let’s play!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 



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