A Wet Pussy Is A Horrible Thing To Waste!

I hate a nice, wet pussy going to waste! If my pussy is wet, I’m gonna wanna fuck and be licked, spread my legs and take whatever you give me, or whoever you share me with! I don’t really care how I get pleased, I just want to be pleased! 

Now, while I’m not exactly a Mistress, I can get bitchy when a guy doesn’t get me going, or wastes my precious pussy juice by not licking me or pleasing me in any way. I hate a guy who just fucks you and does nothing else. Now, if the guy is a dominant male, I might get hotter thinking about him taking whatever he wants from me, so don’t lose hope! There are certain situations where I turn into a Cock Worshiping little whore!

I love this job! I get to be whoever you want me to be. I can be a little girl getting fucked for the first time, or a slut who just likes to get fucked, or a party girl getting a load of cum in her face, mouth, hair by a group of young men of 10 who all fuck me, double penetrate me, make me suck their cocks, which I love to do anyway, and make me explode as they all cum on me at one time! I love it when a guy wants to fuck me bareback and leave his cum in me telling me he wants to get me pregnant! That makes me so hot!

So I hope you’ll call me! I love hearing your fantasies, your true confessions, etc., and this is a secure line so we can talk about ANYTHING!

My secret is that I love to talk dirty, nasty and filthy and I have an attraction to the forbidden fruit, the sweet little….oh maybe I shouldn’t go there? Could get my blog removed talking about the Taboo! It’s happened before.

Just know that I’m a hot, dirty, horny little cum slut who’ll do anything to help you get off! I won’t hang up if you haven’t cum in your allotted time. I give guys a few extra minutes if they’re close! Guys tell me they get hung up on! How rude! I just could never do something like that, you know? I guess I’m just too nice!

Here’s My Latest Special!

Get a 20 Minute Call for just $20.00! If you like talking a little longer for just $1.00 per minute, than this deal is definitely for you!

That’s a hell of a deal, so do me a favor? Don’t let this extremely wet, hot, juicy pussy, go to waste?

Hope to talk soon baby! I’ll be wet, ready and waiting!

Twitter: @DannisDelight 

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