I Love My Job

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. The path may be all kinds of weird for someone like me, but I’ve found it very easy to adapt to.

Some guys don’t know what to do with themselves until they call me and are able to finally cum. I’ve had guys fall asleep while talking to me. Usually it’s a guy who’s been on the phone all night long, trying to achieve a satisfactory climax.

It’s sad to see a someone in that type of situation, so I would tip toe around whatever their  fantasy is, little by little, trying to tweak it and then in turn, create a whole new level of sexual excitement for you. You see, I don’t like it when my caller can’t get off. I tend to go the extra mile to make sure my clients are satisfied. Most girls hang up on you after your time is up but I’m not like that. I’m much nicer than those other stingy phone sex operators. They don’t know the meaning of  “customer satisfaction.”

I’m hoping I can get you to dial my number and do a call with me. I do it all. From BDSM to Age Play and everything in between. I can role play the nastiest fantasies you could dream up, and I’ll make the fantasy even hotter!  

So give me a call. I’d love to take you for a spin. I’m ready when you are. How about it? Wanna help me help you? Give me a call!

I wanna help you get off in the nastiest fantasy possible. And I don’t flinch, and nothing phases me.

I’ve yet to have a customer who didn’t hang up happy! I’m an old fashioned girl, but I’m super ecstatic that my work is so fun! I really enjoy the time I have with my callers and as a phone sex actress, I feel that I should be authentic. Oh, dear me. I may have just given myself up! (Oh, if you only knew!).

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you! Give me a call baby!

Hope to chat with you real soon,

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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