As Per Your Requests…

I’ve received several requests from guys out there for certain things. This shall serve as an update!

I’ve had a lot of requests for panties. If you’ve requested a pair, I’ve contacted you via email to let you know the purchase price and how to get a pair. 

I’m always getting requested to go live on cam for guys I talk to. I’m afraid that’s never going to work because there are too many ways for guys to abuse that feature. Sorry.

I’ve received requests to text with me and I’m looking into different text platforms to see what would work best and be free or very cheap. I’m trying to protect my product as well as my privacy, so I’m being kind of private but if you have an idea where I could text for free without giving up my number, please send me an email!

I’ve received several requests for photos and I had my web guy create a Special Page just for my fans. It’s an XXX Photo Gallery! Get 10 Hot Shots of me for just $10.00! After you make your purchase, I’ll send you the web address and the password for the photos. You can visit the site as much as you like. Keep your password, as it will be required each time you visit.

This is the newest update on these particular items. More may come later. If so I’ll write about it here on the blog!

Thank you everyone for your comments and requests! I appreciate it and I appreciate you as well! Keep the calls coming!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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