Summertime Fun!

I’m gonna be headed for Florida for a week to play in the sun and catch up with my best friend who relocated there a few years ago. Don’t worry fellas, I won’t be turning my phone off!

I love the beach and as you can see, I look quite good in a bikini! I love the surf, the sand, the snack bar, the Jello Shooters, the drinking games, the people, etc.

I’m hoping to run into one guy in particular who got me really hot the last time I was there visiting a friend of mine. I’m open to all kinds of things but I had a great time with him last time I was there! 

I’d like to try surfing, but with all the sharks, I’m probably better off with a land shark! I know there are guys there who will want to take me out, take me home…..just take me?

You should give me a call and tell me about your funnest fantasy while on vacation and whether your fantasy came true or not! I’d love to hear all of your stories!

So gimme a call! You can tell me anything and I’ll never tell another soul!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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