I Like Licking Pussy Too!

Earlier, my phone rang and it was a girl who wanted some girl on girl phone fun. She paid for the call and we got started.

I told her all about my first experience with another girl. We were in high school and we were both horny. We rubbed each other, I sucked her tits, fingered her, and began to eat her with my finger pumping her. She came and I sucked her clit and most of her cum like a ravenous wolf !I’d never experienced anything so Taboo, and so sweet at the same time!

We took a break and after awhile, she began to pull my legs apart so she could access my sweet spot. She teased me with her tongue and I had goosebumps! When I came, she sucked so hard, she got me ready for more! We 69’d at that point! We were both ready for round 2!

I’d love to get calls like that one more often! I love telling women how much I’d love to eat their pussies and how I’d please them!

Don’t be shy girls, you will not be judged by this bi-sexual deviant who enjoys just about everything naughty, dirty and down right NASTY!

Maybe you and your boyfriend would like to call? Maybe you ladies and your girlfriend’s would like a little 3 way girl fun? I’m open minded and ready for anything. Nothing phases me! It’s Anything Goes, No Taboo’s and No Limits!

Call today and get 15 minutes for $17.50 or 5 Minutes for $7..50! Mention the blog when you mention the deal! Deal expires Sunday at Midnight!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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