My Favorite Taboo Subjects

Ah, the Taboo. I love the stuff we’re not supposed to talk about and like to talk about it often! I’m sure some of you fella’s can relate.

I’m a horny little slut who likes to talk about Family Fun and Age Play. I actually really like this fantasy and love what goes around in a guy’s head to make him horny for younger girls. I’m also interested in those that want to do their 15 year old step daughter, niece in the tight bikini, etc. It fascinates me that I could get so into the “Age Play,” thing, which goes way deep into depravity with some of the guys I talk to. You’d think it would turn me off, but it just makes me hotter and wetter!

I have an A-Z Anything Goes policy. I have no Taboo’s and absolutely NO LIMITS! Anyway, I love pushing the envelope a little. No matter how nasty or taboo your fantasy, nothing will phase me. It can be dirtier than even you could imagine. Probably because I’m just a totally nasty, naughty and depraved little phone slut.

HERE’S THIS WEEKS SPECIAL!  Get 5 Minutes for $10.00.  Just mention this post and you’ll get 5 spectacular minutes with lil ole spectacular me for just $10 bucks! We can talk about anything you like, even your darkest Taboo fantasies are okay with me! No matter how nasty, I’ll get so wet, you’ll be able to hear it when I pound my pussy with my dildo!

I can’t wait to hear all about your fantasies and then escape with you into those fantasies till we both explode!

Let’s have sum fun! Call now for the best phone sex fun you’ll ever have!

Twitter: @DannisDelight

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