Phone Sex with Danni - 877-398-0038Welcome to Danni’s Delight!

Hi! Welcome to my site! I can’t wait to talk to you to find out what really “delights” YOU!

I’m an A-Z-Anything Goes girl. Just a “No Taboo’s” type of gal. You could tell me a really nasty, horrible thing/fantasy and it wouldn’t phase me no matter how deeply dirty it is.

No matter what you say, I’ll crawl right into your fantasy with you, dripping wet, wanting your cock so bad that I’m shaking when I take it in my mouth, and finally into my throat. I don’t gag, I just breathe and massage your cock with the muscles in my throat.

I really enjoy a 3 on one with 3 big black cocks. I worship them!! I really enjoy playing with my phone friends and all our toys. I am dripping so much I could fill a bucket!

I do basically everything, Bondage, BDSM Sub/Dom all the way to Age Play. Yes, I know. I’m a very sick little puppy but that’s why I’m here! To focus in on your fantasies because I would like to pleasure you by helping you give into the fantasy by closing your eyes and letting it go. Stoke that cock, finger that pussy…… When you cum, (with your permission), I’ll cum with you!

Like I said. I have TOYS! And I LOVE to play with them while I’m on a call with you so that when you cum, we cum together and I can cum multiple times!

I’m the hottest, nastiest, dirtiest phone sex slut you’ll ever talk to, so give me a call at 1-877-398-0038.

I’ll be waiting,

Twitter: @DannisDelight


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